Monday, August 29, 2016

1st Post / Summer Reading

Hello Bloggers,
   This is my 1st blog to the Lukas Students!  YAY!  This summer I had the opportunity to read a lot of the new chapter books that I purchased for the library.  I really enjoyed the stories, the plots, the characters but here is my question to you......Do you enjoy reading stories about death or sadness?  The majority of books I read this summer had death and sadness in the story.  As an adult reader I have compassion and have the schema to understand the contest but I wondered what students may think.  Please comment on my blog about this question.

Do you enjoy reading stories about death or sadness?

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  1. Hi, Michelle!
    I enjoyed reading about your summer as a reader. I connected with the comment you made about reading about death and sadness. Although I don't read fiction, I do read nonfiction. I'm particularly interested in real-life accounts related to American history.
    I hope you'll share the titles of the books, as I may enjoy them, too!